Trinity Petroleum Management

Experienced. Comprehensive. Dependable.

Originally founded in 1989, Trinity Petroleum Management has been providing full-service outsourcing for the upstream oil and gas industry since 1996. Unlike many outsourcing companies that limit their offerings to back-office accounting, we provide comprehensive accounting, land management and engineering services to help you optimize all facets of your business.

These services are built on a foundation of experience. Our executives and client representatives average more than 20 years of relevant experience. We know the field. We understand the challenges you face in your business. We use our industry knowledge to offer proven solutions that help you move your business forward.

Accounting. Degreed accountants with substantial energy sector experience manage the intricacies of your oil and gas company finances, including revenue, production and expenditure accounting. We also handle financial reporting, operations reporting and tax preparation.

Land Management. Led by an experienced land professional, our land department helps clients maximize their leases and manage their upstream properties.

Engineering Services. Our degreed petroleum engineers extend our collaboration to the field, where we can offer supervision of drilling, well completions and production operations, as well as reviews of facility designs.

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