Expenditure Accounting 

Leveraging an Optimized System to Help You Achieve Maximum Efficiency

Trinity’s expenditure accounting department pursues efficiency at every turn so you can run your business more effectively. Our expenditure accountants understand the system and works to help your business save money and manage your accounting more effectively.

Our services in this area include:

Accounts Payable

  • Enter and process vendor and joint interest invoices
  • Manage electronic workflow for client invoice approval
  • Process and mail A/P checks or send via ACH
  • Perform account reconciliations

Joint Interest

  • Set up and maintain JIB schedules
  • Prepare and mail monthly invoices to joint interest owners
  • Process monthly COPAS overhead
  • Perform property cost allocations
  • Prepare monthly LOE and capital cost accruals and G&A accruals
  • Receive, process and transmit electronic JIBs
  • Setup AFEs, enter budgets and provide comparison reports
  • Perform account reconciliations

Accounts Receivable

  • Process revenue and accounts receivable cash receipts
  • Pursue collection of joint interest receivables
  • Monitor accounts receivable aging reports