Premier Applications for Oil and Gas Accounting

Improving Efficiency through Technology

Trinity Petroleum Management uses sophisticated software designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. These comprehensive systems help us process accounts and manage your business requirements across diverse areas of production. Best of all, Trinity’s technology services are cost effective for startups, yet robust enough for the needs of much larger producers.

  • Integrated for maximum efficiency. All accounting records integrate into the same database with lease records and production data for timely and accurate reporting. 
  • No paper invoices. All invoices can be routed through the appropriate electronic workflow for client coding and approval prior to payment.
  • Web access. Anytime you have an Internet connection, you have secure access to your data.

We provide online access to:

  • Lease Operating Statements
  • AFE Comparisons
  • Vendor History
  • Ownership
  • Lease Records
  • Production History
  • Financial Reports
  • Invoices