Trinity Outsourcing Services: Your Competitive Advantage

We Maintain the Expert Staff So You Don’t Have To

Trinity Petroleum Management offers a full spectrum of outsourcing services to help oil and gas companies reach the next level of success. Our staff includes highly trained specialists in revenue accounting, production accounting, expenditure accounting, land management, engineering, financial and operations reporting and tax preparation. When you work with us, you get all of this expertise without the need to hire all of these professionals.

From the client perspective, everything is seamless—from lease records to revenue distribution to facility operation reviews. By managing all elements in one place, we simplify your life so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Working with Trinity means you only pay for the resources you need. You can avoid the human resources expenses and other overhead associated with hiring new people.

You can scale your services up or down depending on your needs at a given time. No need for you to hire extra people; simply adapt your services from Trinity, and all your bases will be covered.

We provide oil and gas outsourcing services every day. As a result we are well versed in industry best practices and continuously apprised of new standards in the field.  

Because of our well-tested, well-rehearsed processes, we can get your account up and running almost immediately. Transferring to our outsourcing services means plugging into a fast-moving machine and harnessing the power of our industry expertise.

We maintain the latest systems with the most advanced document management software and oil and gas accounting, lease records and productionsoftware, giving you access to cutting-edge tools without the high price tag associated with purchasing them.